London pigeons

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Luke Taylor is not your typical biologist. He is also an economist, futurologist, author, skeptic and autodidact.

At a young age he realised that there was no point wasting years inside libraries in the name of 'academia' reading about animals when this time can be spent observing them in their habitats every day. He isn't weighed down by preconceptions and 'scientific' theories. When he observes animals he just describes the objective truth and this enables him to document in the purest of manners. He doesn't need to fly to far away countries to look at exotic creatures in order to get the general public excited about nature. He sees the truth and beauty in simple things and was the first person to recognise and acknowledge that nature surrounds humanity in all directions and in every dimension.

Taylor's modesty is unparalleled; he just lets nature do the talking and doesn't make his 'personality' take centre stage. He is the antidote to the David Attenboroughs and Charles Darwins of this world. A triumph of substance over style, he represents an Alfred Russell Wallace for our times.

Luke Taylor is also a keen carol singer and embroiderer.

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